Fintredo is a holistic ecosystem established to provide a comprehensive solution in the scope of digital lending for the purposes of Fintech companies.

Strong technological facilities of the Raisead group and innovative and entirely original solutions allowed us to create a lending platform dealing with operation of lending processes in the non-banking sector. The flexibility of the solution and its full scalability allow implementation based on a broad range of products on global markets. The fully customisable solution comprehensively synchronises processes of loan customer service, including risk and creditworthiness assessment, upselling, monitoring and debt collection. We rely on automation and effectiveness of processes.


The size of the non-banking loan market in Poland is estimated at 2.5 million customers. The ongoing digitalisation and increasing demand for financial services provided by means of the Internet allow to estimate the monthly increase in the loan customer segment at 20,000.

Dynamic development and consistently increasing demand for microfinancing establish perfect conditions for development of non-banking sector companies. Our answer to the increasing demand was the establishment of two brands: Credilo and Zylion, which take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the Fintredo technological platform.

Credilo is the first brand, established in October 2016, which provides services in the scope of short-term loans. This is the flagship product that enabled us to improve our technological platform and to serve almost 150 thousand customers.

Zylion is our latest brand. It was well received in the loan market. The solutions developed in the last 2 years enabled us to implement the product that take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the Fintredo platform. At the moment we have 100 thousand satisfied customers.


01 Fintredo Scoring Engine

Our own scoring engine which polls a dozen internal and external loan data sources in real time. The data, prepared and aggregated with machine learning, enable to immediately assess the applicant’s creditworthiness and credit risk, canalising it in defined processes such as loan payment or temporary entry in a blacklist.

In 2018 we served more than 200 thousand loan applications, gathering more than 150 million data records. In order to issue one loan decision approximately, 750 parameters assigned to a given user is analysed.

02 Fintredo Antifraud

Antifraud, our original system, is used by the financial sector as well as modern e-commerce systems. It allows to create fraud behaviour profiles.

Screen resolution, scrolling method, data entering velocity, cursor tracking, detection of encrypted connections: these are only some examples of dozens of parameters that allow to detect suspicious transactions and prevent breaching principles of safe use of the platform.

03 Fintredo CRM

The Customer Relationship Management  system, currently at the development stage, allows comprehensive customer service, from application submittal to loan payment and sale, taking into account a repayment monitoring and debt collection system.

Undoubtedly, advantages of the platform are its developed functions in the scope of marketing automation that allow to fully automate cross-selling and up-selling processes.


Fintredo, through its technological platform, offers  online short-term loans.
We are currently strengthening our position on the Polish market. We are developing scalable tools for identification of suspicious transactions and loan risk management, which we will use in the future during our planned expansion into foreign markets. We succeeded in successfully issuing bonds to the Investment Fund and individual investors. We take part in one of the first securitisation project to be launched on the Polish market, one addressed to the product with single repayment.

The business is characterised by stable dynamics of revenues, dominated by commissions, interest and revenues from loan refinancing.  The remaining revenues are first and foremost the costs of legal representation and other costs charged in the process of debt collection.

The borrowers at the age between 30 and 40, who are at the zenith of their professional and financial vistas, are the prevailing age group. Women form a group with significant advantage over men in terms of the number of loans. There is no explicit disparity in the profile of applying customers. It shows better assessment of credibility of applying women and their loyalty in the future.

Read our presentation to learn more

Read our presentation to learn more

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